Understanding White Privilege

The phrase “white privilege” has only become a part of my vocabulary in the last 5 years. However, the concept has been a reality I have felt since childhood. Being a light skinned Latino, I have most often seen white privilege in how I have been treated differently than my darker kin. A Police Encounter […]

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Yalitza, Brown-face, and Colorism

Yalitza & Brown-face A little over a week ago millions of Americans tuned into the Oscars. I enjoy movies as much as the next person but it’s been at least a decade since I watched the famed award ceremony. What brought me out of this decade long Oscar drought? One woman, Yalitza Aparicio Martínez. Yalitza […]

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Review: The Mestizo Augustine

In The Mestizo Augustine Justo González compares the mestizaje of Latino theology to the life of the church father Augustine of Hippo. Mestizaje is a term in Spanish that pejoratively describes a person of mixed ancestry. For example, this applies directly to a Latino that is Mexican-American. Justo González argues that the mestizaje that is […]

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Passion and Vision for LaVoz

Our Journey Angela and I became Christians 15 years ago. From the start of our new lives in Christ, we’ve had a heart to see the gospel go to multi-ethnic, low-income, neighborhoods and communities, like the one we grew up in. 5 years ago as we asked God how we could root our lives and […]

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God’s Heart For Immigrant Families

The goal of this post is to help evangelical churches move toward compassion for families that have been impacted by President Trump’s immigration policies. At the time of writing (June 2018) President Trump has signed an executive order to stop separating families attempting to cross our border. This is a great first step, however it […]

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Review: Cross-Cultural Servanthood

Summary Duane Elmer in Cross Cultural Servanthood walks the reader through a three-part journey in understanding the role servanthood plays in cross cultural ministry. Cross Cultural Servanthood builds on each of the three sections in helping the reader understand basic perspectives of servanthood, the process of servanthood, and the challenges of servanthood. In part one basic perspectives, Duane Elmer […]

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